These days, it seems like some politicians only know the word “no.” But anyone trying to shrink down, cut back, or block the Build Back Better agenda should hear this loud and clear: When you say “no” to these critical investments, you’re actually saying “yes”:

“Yes” to killing millions of good-paying jobs

“Yes” to increasing utility bills and prescription drug costs

“Yes” to raising taxes on middle-class families

But Americans want real investments in our future: 66% of voters (including a majority of independents) support the $3.5 trillion reconciliation plan — and every single provision it contains.


BY THE NUMBERS: Why A “No” to Build Back Better Is A “Yes” To Killing Jobs, Increasing Costs & Raising Middle-Class Taxes

Infrastructure isn’t just roads and bridges. It’s affordable care for loved ones. It’s protecting communities from climate disaster. It’s making sure Americans have clean water, public transportation, a reliable internet connection. It’s ensuring we can be competitive in the global economy. The Build Back Better agenda invests in all that and more. It will create millions of good-paying jobs, lower costs and taxes, and won’t cost working and middle-class families a penny — it’s paid for by making corporations and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share. 

At stake: More than 10 million infrastructure jobs, 5 million caregiving jobs, and 1 million clean energy jobs per year

At stake: More than $834 billion in tax breaks for working class families

  • The expansion of the Child Tax Credit enacted in the American Rescue Plan could mean an over $556 billion tax break to help cut child poverty by more than half. 
  • Permanently extending the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit which could mean an over $135 billion tax break to lessen the burden on hard-working Americans.  
  • A permanent extension of expanded Child and Dependent Care Tax Credits would result in over $98 billion in tax cuts to help families stay employed and put food on the table. 
  • Implementing a payroll tax credit for child care workers and providing credits for caregiver expenses would result in $35 billion in tax cuts
  • The Build Back Better agenda includes a $198 million tax credit to expand access to health coverage, and lower health insurance costs. 

At stake: Cheaper utility bills and lower prescription drug costs

  • President Biden’s 100% Clean Electricity will cut the burden of monthly utility bills and put money back in working families’ pockets.  
  • A report from the Goldman School Of Public Policy at the University Of California, Berkeley says that electricity costs from the 90% clean grid will be lower than today’s cost and will translate to lower retail electricity prices.
  • Americans spent nearly $460 billion on prescription drugs in 2015, 16.7% of total health-care spending. The Build Back Better agenda will lower drug costs by letting Medicare negotiate prices so consumers aren’t at the whim of pharmaceutical companies. 
  • Allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices could reduce drug prices by 55%. The Congressional Budget Office and JCT estimate that allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices would lower spending by about $456 billion.

Tell Congress:

No half-measures. No cuts. No more “no”.

Pass the full Build Back Better agenda — now.

(202) 224-3121