November 17th, 2022


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WASHINGTON, D.C. — One thing is clear from last week’s midterm election: big public investments were a big factor in campaigns that ended up winning. Candidates like Senators Mark Kelly, Maggie Hassan, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Senator-elect John Fetterman frequently touted their votes for and support of the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill’s generational public investments on the campaign trail.

Their victories are further evidence that an overwhelming majority of voters support big public investments to improve infrastructure, grow the economy, and lift up American families.

Here are a few examples:

Senator Mark Kelly in Arizona: 

“I’ve worked to lower costs, drive down prescription drug prices, create good-paying manufacturing jobs, improve our roads, bridges and other key parts of our infrastructure, and get our economy back on track.” [Cronkite News, 10/12/22]

“Expanding and protecting Arizonans’ access to clean drinking water has been one of my top priorities in the Senate. I’m glad to announce we secured $13 million from our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to ensure that our precious water resources are safe, clean, and contaminant free.” [Office of Senator Mark Kelly, 9/30/22]

“When it came to delivering critical infrastructure upgrades for Arizona, that’s exactly what I did. We’re going to widen I-10 to make commuting easier, upgrade our ports-of-entry to increase trade and improve border security, and we’ll make sure our water supply keeps up with our growth.” [Captain Mark Kelly, YouTube, 3/9/22]

“These new grants from our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will help move major Arizona projects for roads, bridges and public transportation systems forward…projects like expanding I-10 and building I-11.” [ 3/28/22]

“Just a day after the US Senate passed the $1 Trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, Sen. Mark Kelly was home in Tucson touting its success and the value to the region. Who hasn’t, he said, sat in traffic on Interstate 10 for up to several hours because of an accident? ‘There are no access roads on I-10,’ he said. ‘We need to fix that.’” [KOLD 13, 8/12/21]

Kelly is one of the members of the Senate bipartisan group that negotiated and shaped the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, and was part of working groups made up of Senators to draft specific portions of the legislation, including those focusing on water and power infrastructure, superfunds and brownfields, permitting, and wildfire mitigation. [Office of Senator Mark Kelly, 11/15/21]

The Kelly-shaped law provides $65 billion to expand access to high-speed internetT to unserved and underserved communities across the country through broadband infrastructure deployment and programs that ensure cost is not a barrier. [Office of Senator Mark Kelly, 10/17/22]

Kelly secured $61 million in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funds to Arizona to invest in wildfire preparedness and prevention. Forests, homes, and small businesses have been damaged year after year in Arizona because of climate change, making this funding imperative in containing major forest fires. [Gila Herald, 10/21/22]


Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire:

“I am proud to have worked with my colleagues to pass the Inflation Reduction Act… it finally allows Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, which I have been pushing for because we know that it will bring down drug costs significantly across the board and save taxpayer dollars.” [Office of Senator Maggie Hassan, 8/22/22]

“Lowering costs for families starts with getting prescription drug prices under control. It’s why I keep pressing to allow Medicare to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry – to force prices down. And that’s why I’m working with Republicans to punish drug companies for raising their prices faster than inflation.” [Maggie Hassan, YouTube, 6/27/22]

“I was proud to work with my colleagues to get this bill signed into law. This law takes on Big Pharma and finally addresses the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs that have devastated families’ budgets for too long. At a time when Americans have seen their heating and cooling bills rise and high prices at the pump, this law takes meaningful steps to lower energy costs by cutting taxes for families and investing in clean energy technology.” [Office of Senator Maggie Hassan, 8/16/22]

“With this legislation, we’re now on track to reduce carbon emissions by forty percent by 2030. The Inflation Reduction Act will strengthen clean energy production and create more clean energy jobs. It will deliver a tax cut to help Granite Staters make their homes more energy efficient. This legislation will help save families money, it will strengthen our economy, and it will build a clean energy future.” [Maggie Hassan for New Hampshire, 8/10/22]

“With this landmark legislation, we are finally allowing Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices. [The Inflation Reduction Act] will not only reduce drug prices for Medicare recipients, it’s going to drive down prices for every American. It will also cap Medicare out of pocket costs at $2,000 a year  – saving money for seniors all across the country.” [Maggie Hassan for New Hampshire, 8/10/22]

“Roads, bridges, and highways across the Granite State are in desperate need of restoration. This bill will invest in repairing and rebuilding them with the $110 billion allocated specifically for that purpose.” [Maggie Hassan, Facebook, December 2021]

“I also worked across the aisle to help negotiate and pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure law that is rebuilding our roads and our bridges, and bringing high-speed internet to communities all across New Hampshire.” [KGNS+, 11/8/22]

“I was proud to help advocate for the [$19.5 million] RAISE grant and look forward to seeing how it will encourage more residents and visitors alike to come to Berlin, visit Main Street businesses, and see all that the Berlin area has to offer.” [Office of Senator Maggie Hassan, 8/26/22]

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada: 

“I’ve been pushing to lower prescription drug prices throughout my time in the Senate, and the Inflation Reduction Act makes critical progress on bringing down healthcare costs.” [Office of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, 8/23/22]

From allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices to capping the cost of insulin for seniors, [the Inflation Reduction Act] will make a real difference.” [Office of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, 8/23/22]

“Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, Nevada seniors and families will see lower health care costs, as well as new, good-paying jobs in our booming clean-energy industry.” [Office of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, 8/31/22]

“All of the focus that we have done to lean into this clean energy economy, that is a long-term investment for Nevada. It’s not just one year, two years, this is 10 years. This is long term…[These bills] allow Nevada continue to position itself to be a leader in this clean energy economy and this innovation economy.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/20/22]

“I’ve been working in the Senate to help lower costs for Nevada families. I’m thrilled this [$21 million investment to address rising energy costs] funding I secured is coming to our state to support working Nevadans and help them pay their energy bills.” [Office of Senator Jacky Rosen, 11/4/22]

“I helped deliver federal funding to support projects like the Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s vital expansion, which is going to create over 4,000 new jobs and further bolster Northern Nevada’s growing economy.” [Office of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, 10/13/22]

Senator Cortez Masto secured $89 million in funding for Nevada transportation projects through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, allowing the state’s transit agencies to buy new buses and railcars, address repair backlogs, modernize their fleets, and transition to more modern technology. [Office of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, 4/6/22]

Senator Cortez Masto announced that over $107 million is headed to Nevada to support companies manufacturing and recycling components of lithium-ion batteries, which play a crucial role in the country’s growing clean-energy economy… “Nevada’s clean-energy economy is booming, and I made sure the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law included funding to create even more good-paying jobs in this industry.” [Office of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, 10/19/22]

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