Today, progressive groups applauded the Senate’s vote to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, and urged Congress to quickly move to the Build Back Better agenda, a once-in-a-generation investment in caregiving, clean energy, education, and more that will create millions of jobs, lower costs, and lower taxes for working families.
Here’s What They Are Saying:

AFSCME: “The bipartisan infrastructure package passed by the Senate is a once-in-a-generation investment in rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, modernizing our transportation systems and improving public services everywhere.AFSCME will also continue working with the White House and Congress on another robust package to invest in our human infrastructure […] By addressing both our physical and human infrastructure needs, we will set our nation on the right course to truly build back better for everyone.”

American Bridge 21st Century: “The bipartisan infrastructure deal’s Senate passage is a big win for families, workers, and communities across the country. Senate Democrats delivered today, and as Congress moves towards passing the reconciliation bill’s further investments in jobs and families, we’re going to hold accountable the 2022 Republicans who opposed and voted against investing in and lifting up the people and communities they are supposed to represent.”

Building Back Together: “We applaud the Senators who stood up for the American people and voted in favor of these critical investments. As the House takes up the bill for consideration, we also encourage leaders in Washington to move swiftly to deliver on the entire Build Back Better Agenda so that we can cut taxes for working families, create even more good-paying jobs, tackle the climate crisis, rebuild our care infrastructure, create educational opportunity, and lower the cost of essentials for everyday Americans.”

Climate Power: “An overwhelming bipartisan majority of voters (75%!) support going beyond the bipartisan bill with bold climate action. Now, the Senate must move on the Build Back Better Agenda.”

Invest in America Action: “Today’s vote in the Senate is a huge win for America. But we need to do more. That means passing President Biden’s proposed Build Back Better agenda to invest in education, care, clean energy, and more.”

League of Conservation Voters: “The bipartisan bill and budget package must move in tandem. As debate on the budget resolution begins, it is imperative that the Senate stay focused on passing a bill that will meet the climate ambition goals science and justice require, and not waste time debating anti-environmental riders. As the UN said, the latest IPCC report is a ‘code red for humanity’ — failure to act on climate is not an option.”

Main Street Alliance: “Small businesses are applauding the step towards critical investment in our roads, bridges, and broadband networks, which will support entrepreneurs across the country […] But we know these aren’t the only critical needs for small businesses […] Small businesses are watching closely to make sure both parts of the Build Back Better Plan are moving forward in unison, whatever ways possible, to ensure any investments in our economy are truly investments in an equitable recovery and future.”

National Wildlife Federation: “This framework marks an important step forward on ecosystem restoration, energy innovation, cleaner transportation, and habitat connectivity. Now we need our leaders to build upon this critical first step by prioritizing investments in clean energy, environmental justice, natural resource restoration and resilience, a Civilian Climate Corps, and ensuring no communities are left behind as we reach toward our clean energy future.”

Planned Parenthood: “Politicians in the 12 states refusing to expand Medicaid are leaving people without access to critical sexual and reproductive health care. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the disparities in our health care system. We simply cannot wait: The Senate must pass its budget resolution and  advance equitable access to health care without delay.”

ProsperUS Coalition: “In this pivotal moment in Washington, we have a once-in-a-generation chance to build an economy that works for all of us. It’s time for Congress to build on the bipartisan infrastructure bill by advancing the $3.5 trillion broader infrastructure package without delay.”