VoteVets: “The very fact that the GOP plan cuts $18 billion in funds that President Biden proposed for VA facility construction and modernization is insulting.”

14 State Treasurers: ”Repurposing covid relief funding would result in a massive loss of revenue for large and small communities alike”

Today, key lawmakers and advocacy groups came out against Senate Republicans’ latest unserious, unreasonable infrastructure counterproposal, which fails to meet the moment and raids Covid relief funds meant to keep essential workers on the job, raises healthcare premiums, and guts funding for the Child Tax Credit —  all while leaving at least one million jobs on the table, and stripping funding to fight climate change, prioritize care infrastructure, build schools, and invest in American jobs and industries.



  • VoteVets Director of Government Relations Mary Kaszynski released the following statement:
    • “The Republican counterproposal to President Biden’s bold and much-needed jobs and infrastructure bill is a non-starter. The very fact that the GOP plan cuts $18 billion in funds that President Biden proposed for VA facility construction and modernization is insulting. Our veterans deserve the very best, and President Biden is prepared to deliver for them. That veterans’ care is among the first things that the Republicans cut from the American Jobs Plan should tell everyone all they need to know about the lack of seriousness coming from Republicans.” 
Invest in America Action
  • Invest in America Action Senior Advisor Zac Petkanas released the following statement:
    • “By continuing to double down on their unreasonable demands that will hurt American competitiveness and leave one million jobs on the table, Republicans have proven they have no interest in finding a reasonable deal that meets the urgency of the moment. Their consistent bad faith and delay tactics leave the president and Democrats no choice but to move to reconciliation.”


  • Claire Guzdar, spokesperson for ProsperUS, released the following statement:

    • “ProsperUS unequivocally opposes slashing needed investments. This latest proposal is woefully inadequate and will leave millions of workers, families, and businesses out to dry.” 

      “We’ve heard stories from unemployed workers, caregivers, and people struggling to pay rent that show us how much need there is for additional action. Poll after poll shows that voters support more economic relief right now, not less. And there is clear evidence that our economy works best when we put workers, families, and communities at the center of it.”

Climate Power: 
  • Climate Power executive director Lori Lodes issued the following statement:
    • “The latest Senate Republican ‘plan’ is a non-starter. We need to keep our economy growing, we need to invest in jobs, and we have to take on climate change. Instead, the Republican plan fails to deliver jobs, increases pollution, and makes the climate crisis worse. This is our climate moment, and the American Jobs Plan is what we need to create millions of good-paying jobs and build a clean energy future.” 

Americans for Tax Fairness:

  • Frank Clemente, Americans for Tax Fairness Executive Director released the following statement

    • “The anemic infrastructure plan from Sen. Capito and Senate Republicans will do far less for the working families of West Virginia and all across America than the Biden jobs plan will do … To pay for their infrastructure plan, the GOP wants to slash pandemic relief funds that are benefiting millions of families and communities instead of closing tax loopholes to make corporations pay their fair share.”

Tax March
  • Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint responded to the Senate Republicans’ infrastructure counterproposal: 
    • “Nope.” 

14 State Treasurers released a letter to Congress organized by Invest in America Action: 

  • “Repurposing covid relief funding would result in a massive loss of revenue for large and small communities alike, at precisely the moment they need to be doing everything to get our economy going again. Congress must honor its commitments to its people, to our states, and our local communities. We must ensure a sustainable, equitable recovery from the pandemic — and commit once and for all to keeping the entire country’s recovery as our top priority.”
Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) made following statement on a press call hosted by Invest in America Action: 
  • “If you ask for my reaction to the Republican proposal, I’d say it’s heavy on the budget sleight of hand and light on anything except paving over the status quo. When you look at this proposal, there’s no ’there’ there. Just so we’re clear: this notion that you can go out and raid Covid relief investments is just not correct. Democrats are showing up every single day, but unfortunately we’ve got Republican colleagues who are just walking off the playing field.” 
Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) made following statement on a press call hosted by Invest in America Action: 
  • “With their latest infrastructure proposal, Republicans are robbing Peter to pay Paul but leaving both of them poorer in the process,” said Senator Ed Markey. “Republicans are bringing a watering can to a five-alarm fire. Simply counting money that is already going out the door through the surface transportation programs we are going to pass doesn’t invest in our future or fix the crisis of our present. Let me be crystal clear: no meaningful climate action means no deal with the Democrats. I would love to see Republicans come to the table to work with us, but I’m not going to be holding my breath for them to show up to pass a real infrastructure and relief package.” 
  • “I don’t really think this is a serious counter-offer. First of all, they don’t have pay-fors for this — it’s not real. They have this illusory notion of how we’re going to take money that’s already been committed to other places … The second part is, I’m not hearing about the green infrastructure … The third one is, notice who gets left behind: the women … One more part to that, this is called a jobs bill. It’s infrastructure and jobs. 
  • “It’s just not particularly genuine … They refuse to go big. Their leader has said they want Biden to fail. So we’ve seen these kinds of negotiations: slow walk, try to make it look like they’re reasonable. They haven’t been yet.”
  • “I fully understand the president’s instinctive desire for a bipartisan solution and that would be the best of all worlds but it takes two to tango … And so far they really refuse to come to the dance floor.”
Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) on CNN:
  • “[The GOP’s pay-for plan is] certainly a non-starter for me… I think we’re getting to the point where it’s obvious now — and I’ve been very patient, I think a lot of Democrats have been, the president has been patient … I think the president’s done really good work here to engage Republican senators over and over again, but I do think that we’re getting to the last chapter of this”