March 1, 2021

Maddy McDaniel, Communications Director

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Invest in America Action, Tax March, Protect Our Care, and Coronavirus War Room Launch “Countdown to Prevent Catastrophe” Campaign Demonstrating the Urgency of Passing the American Rescue Plan Before Financial Cliffs Loom

Expanded Unemployment Insurance Expiring on March 14 is Just the First of Many Catastrophic Deadlines Americans Will Face If Senate Republicans Delay Passage Of the American Rescue Plan — Including Small Businesses, Families, Essential Workers, Schools

Campaign Includes a Digital Ad BuyVideo, and Virtual “Countdown Clock” Marking the Days Until the March 14 Deadline

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Invest in America Action, Tax March, Protect Our Care and Coronavirus War Room launched a new campaign, “Countdown to Prevent Catastrophe,” which stresses the importance of not allowing Senate Republicans to delay passage of the American Rescue Plan before a series of upcoming deadlines that could spell disaster for families, small businesses and our economy.

That begins with the March 14th date when extended unemployment insurance begins to expire.

But that’s not the only one:

  • Thousands of struggling small businesses will need to shut their doors without additional aid — like the 400,000 firms before them;

  •  Millions of families, who have already lost $1.3 trillion in income, will soon no longer be able to pay the rent or put food on the table without a stimulus check;

  • Many state and local governments, who already face a $300 billion budget shortfall, will need to lay off more essential workers, curtail their vaccine distribution programs and keep schools shut down without more funding.

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The campaign includes: 

  • five-figure digital ad campaign that will run “above the fold” on high-traffic political news sites through March 14. View the digital ads here.

  • virtual “Countdown to Prevent Catastrophe” clock tracking the days until March 14. View the virtual countdown clock here.

  • new video highlighting everything the U.S. economy stands to lose if Senate Republicans are successful in delaying the American Rescue Plan past March 14. Watch the video here.

  • A research report detailing the ripple effect of economic consequences the U.S. economy will face if Senate Republicans successfully delay the American Rescue Plan past March 14. View the report here.

“We’re still in a crisis and President Biden’s American Rescue Plan is designed to address that crisis,” said Brad Woodhouse, Executive Director of Protect Our Care. “Efforts by Congressional Republicans to block this crucial – and overwhelmingly popular – legislation is nothing more than a craven, partisan effort to drag this crisis on for longer than necessary. Congress must pass this package as quickly as possible to ensure that the families struggling to survive are able to get the support they need and we can finally take the steps needed to get this virus under control.”

“This pandemic has been a disaster in every sense. Millions of people have lost work and are holding on by a well-worn thread,” said Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint. “Congress is employed by the people for a reason, and that reason is to deliver aid when it is needed. Unemployment insurance must be extended, and immediately. Our economy, our people, can not afford any delay, nor any lapse in aid.”

“We cannot allow Senate Republicans to delay passage of the American Rescue Plan, or we risk economic catastrophe as deadlines loom for families who can’t make the rent, small businesses on the brink of closure, and state and local governments that will be forced to lay off essential workers,” said Maddy McDaniel, communications director at Invest in America Action. “Millions of Americans losing their unemployment insurance starting on March 14 is just the beginning, and we don’t have time for Senate Republicans to play politics instead of delivering relief to struggling Americans.”

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Tax March is a grassroots movement fighting for a fairer and more equitable tax code, and an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Our organizers across the nation advocate in their communities and in Washington for policies to tax the rich and invest in middle and working class communities. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are calling on Congress and the White House to deliver direct relief to working families, tax the billionaires and big corporations whose wealth has skyrocketed, and rebuild a stronger, more equitable economy.

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