May 12, 2021

Maddy McDaniel, Communications Director

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While Biden Tries to Make a Reasonable Deal, GOP Leadership Doubles Down on Poison Pills Like Shifting Tax Burden From Corporations To The Middle Class & Brags About Trying To Block Biden’s Plans

Sen. McConnell (R-KY): “We’re not interested in reopening the 2017 tax bill. We made that clear to the president. That is our red line”

Rep. McCarthy, In A Fundraising Text Minutes After The Meeting: “I just met with Corrupt Joe Biden and he’s STILL planning to push his radical Socialist agenda onto the American people” 

Even Large Majorities of Republican Voters Oppose GOP Poison Pills Like The Gas Taxes (68%) And User Fees (61%)

Voters Prefer $2.2 Trillion American Jobs Plan to a Counter-Proposal Similar To What Was Offered By GOP By A +26 Point Margin

WASHINGTON, D.C.  This afternoon, President Biden met with bipartisan Congressional leaders to discuss finding common ground on infrastructure. However, minutes after exiting the Oval Office, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell doubled down on his unreasonable and non-negotiable red lines that he knows will tank any deal while House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent out a fundraising text bragging about blocking Biden’s agenda.

Invest in America Action senior advisor Zac Petkanas released the following statement: 

“The Republican leaders didn’t leave the White House property line before proving that all their talk about finding bipartisan compromise was just a lot of hot air. They know that demanding the tax burden shift from corporations to the middle class through unpopular user fees and gas taxes is a non-starter. But they are insisting on it anyway as a deliberate attempt to sabotage negotiations.

“If you don’t believe me, just listen to Senator McConnell from last week saying that 100% of his focus was on stopping Biden. Or look at what Leader McCarthy texted minutes after the meeting ended, hurling insults at the president and pledging to ‘fight back’ against his administration’s agenda.

“The White House and Democratic leaders should be commended for reaching out the hand of bipartisanship as was promised on the campaign trail. However, it’s clear that the Republicans have no interest in being serious negotiating partners. These unserious statements from McConnell and McCarthy are more proof that it’s time to leave them behind and go to reconciliation.”

Despite Rep. McCarthy’s characterization of the American Jobs and Families Plan as a “radical Socialist agenda,” the plan is actually supported by a majority of Americans. 

  • 73% of Voters, including 67% of Independents and 57% of Republicans, support the proposed $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan

  • 61% of Voters, including 64% of Independents, support the American Families Plan by a +29 point margin
  • Voters prefer $2.2 trillion American Jobs Plan to a counter-proposal similar to what was offered by GOP by a +26 point margin

What’s unpopular are the user fees and gas taxes that Sen. McConnell wants to use to pay for infrastructure, in order to protect his corporate donors at the expense of the middle class. 

  • 59% of voters, including 66% of Independents and 68% of Republicans, oppose gas taxes to fund infrastructure investments.

  • 56% of voters, including 60% of Independents and 61% of Republicans, oppose user-fees such as tolls and miles-per-traveled taxes on cars to fund infrastructure investments.

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