Voters and Community Leaders in Key Congressional Districts Urge Congress to Pass the Build Back Better Act

POLLING: 61% of Voters — Including 54% of Independents — Support Passing the Build Back Better Act.

Voters and community leaders across the country are urging their Congressional representatives to pass the Build Back Better Act and make critical investments in child care, long-term care, clean energy, health care and more. Those investments will create jobs, lower costs, and cut taxes for middle and lower-income Americans and their families in those districts.

Here’s what community leaders are are saying about the Build Back Better Act in key Congressional districts:

Florida’s 7th Congressional District (Rep. Stephanie Murphy)

Orlando Sentinel: Building Back Better Means Making Housing Affordable For All

By Reverend James T. Morris

I am calling on all of us in the faith community to strongly urge our representatives in Washington to stop the bickering and pass President Biden’s Build Back Better plan as quickly as possible in order to make the historic investments in our working families that they deserve.

It is the right thing to do. It is the moral thing to do. It is the just thing to do.

Orlando Sentinel: Rep. Murphy, please vote to lower prescription costs

By Evelyn Rivera

We’re not willing to accept any half measures.That’s why Congress must pass President Biden’s Build Back Better package that will male health-care coverage more affordable for millions of Americans.

It’s not too late: Rep. Murphy still has a chance to do the right thing when the final bill goes to the House floor. I hope that Rep. Murphy delivers on her promises to her constituents and votes to lower drug prices now by allowing Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices. Americans are crying out for relief, and we need it now.

Maine’s 2nd Congressional District (Rep. Jared Golden)

Bangor Daily News: Build Back Better legislation has what we need for brighter futures for Maine families and kids

By Deborah Ibonwa & Lado Ladoka

We call on our congressional delegation to support Build Back Better without delay. As a country, it’s time for us to do the things we know will allow more parents to meet their kids’ eyes after a long day at work. We are a wealthy nation with the resources to afford solutions. Let’s get it done.

Bangor Daily News: Build Back Better Act would help Maine farms adjust to climate change

By Melissa Law

The Build Back Better Act is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to support the future of agriculture and our food system.

Now is the time to invest in real solutions to the climate crisis that work for farmers and would result in healthier soils, cleaner air and water, and a climate-smart economy that allows us to feed our communities for generations to come.

New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District (Rep. Josh Gottheimer)

NJ.com: Josh Gottheimer must stand by communities of color

By Beverly Brown Ruggia and Renee Koubiadis

Representative Gottheimer was not elected to serve corporate interests. He should join with fellow Democrats and preserve the reconciliation package in its entirety. To address our deepest racial and economic problems, Gottheimer needs to vote for the interests of all New Jerseyans. We need him, along with every Democrat and every Republican, to back Build Back Better – nothing less.

Bergen Record: Sherrill, Kim and Malinowski know Build Back Better is good policy and good politics

By Maura Collinsgru

If the Democrats wish to maintain their majority in Congress, they’ll join Sherril, Kim and Malinowski in supporting President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better package. Their districts may be considered battlegrounds, but as their 2020 re-elections demonstrate, New Jerseyans stand by lawmakers who fight for real change. Members of the House like Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-Wykcoff, who have obstructed the reconciliation package despite its popularity and obvious benefits, should take heed. The people elected you to serve their interests, not those of pharmaceutical companies and corporate lobbyists, and the people can send you packing.

Oregon’s 5th Congressional District (Rep. Kurt Schrader)

Statesman Journal: Opportunity to cut child poverty in half and significantly reduce hunger

By Susannah Morgan, Chlore Eberhardt & Fatima Jawaid

We need our elected representatives to understand that Oregon families cannot wait — and it’s up to us to make our voices heard.

Please join us in urging our representatives and senators to support anti-hunger priorities in the Build Back Better Act. Tell them Oregon’s children and families can’t afford to miss this historic opportunity to address hunger and poverty. Congress must act.

Statesman Journal: Prevent wildfire damage before it starts with ‘Build Back Better’ bill

By Dr. Catherine Kordesch and Dr. David Harrison

By passing infrastructure and “Build Back Better” legislation, [Congress] would make historic investments now to avoid tragic and expensive consequences of major environmental crises that wreak havoc for Oregonians.

We encourage Oregon’s representatives to support infrastructure and budget legislation as a prescription for the environmental and health crises we face, and to do it now before we face more consequences and higher costs.

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