ICYMI: NEW YORK TIMES: 200 Obama Officials Urge Congress To Go Big On Stimulus, COVID Relief; Pass American Rescue Plan

Today, more than 200 members of the Obama administration, including former Cabinet secretaries Tom Perez, Julián Castro, and Kathleen Sebelius, signed onto a letter organized by Invest In America Action strongly urging Congress to go big and deliver a robust economic stimulus package for the American people.


“The resistance we faced from deficit fearmongers seeking to water it down ate up valuable time and diluted the amount of aid that reached struggling families and small businesses,” the letter says of the 2009 stimulus package. “We know from history that they are wrong and sabotaging the ability of our nation to fully and equitably recover.”


“The lesson that we need to learn from the past is if we have the power to meet the needs of Americans, then we need to do that immediately, whether congressional Republicans agree with it or not,” Mr. Castro said in an interview.


“Quite frankly, we all had to live the consequences of the Republican intransigence,” Mr. Perez said. “The economic numbers here are dire. They make the Great Recession look like it was a mild recession, which it wasn’t. We can’t afford not to do what the president is proposing.” 

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