NEW POLL: 51% of Voters Would Prefer to Pass the American Jobs and Families Plans Together Over Republicans’ Counter-Proposal

50% Of Voters, Including 53% of Independents, Blame Republicans in Congress, Not President Biden, For Inability to Reach A Bipartisan Deal on the American Jobs Plan

A Majority of Voters Reject Slimming Down Size & Scope Of Package By Jettisoning Long-Term Care and Clean Energy Technologies 

Today, Zac Petkanas, senior advisor for Invest in America Action, joined Jess McIntosh and Zerlina Maxwell on Sirius XM’s Signal Boost to discuss the latest developments in the negotiations process around the American Jobs Plan.

While President Biden continues to demonstrate his good faith by offering serious counter-proposals that decrease the package size by over half a trillion dollars and rethinking the corporate tax rate plan, Senate Republicans are running out the clock offering unserious proposals that would burden middle class families by raising health insurance premiums and steal Covid relief funding that’s keeping essential workers like firefighters on the job. 


  • “The proposals that Shelley Moore Capito has put forward on behalf of the Senate Republicans, none of them have come close to meeting the urgency of the moment. They’ve been filled with things like budget gimmicks where they say it’s a trillion dollars in spending but it’s actually only a quarter of that, it cuts out all funding for climate change, it cuts out all funding for things like child care … it cuts out all of the racial equity funding — all of the things that President Biden has made clear need to be included in this, they have taken that out.” 

  • “Biden is taking this very seriously and the Republicans are not.”

  • “With the Jan. 6 commission where they actually negotiated a bipartisan deal, Republicans signed off, Democrats signed off, and what ended up happening? Republicans tanked it anyway. That’s what we’re really worried about happening here with this proposal.”

  • “We can just listen to what Mitch McConnell said four weeks ago, which was that 100% of the focus of the Republicans in the Senate is to stop the Biden agenda. Not 98% so that 2% could be left over for, you know, creating some jobs. A hundred percent of Republican focus is on stopping the Biden administration. And that’s why it’s really important to look at the Republican actions to date within that context.”

  • “So when they start throwing out numbers like ‘sure we’ll spend $250 billion on roads but we’re not going to do it on climate change, we’re not going to do it on kids, we’re not going to do it on grandma, and we’re not going to do it to close the racial wealth gap,’ we need to look at that through the prism of what Mitch McConnell says.”

  • “The Biden plan calls for paying for all of these things [by] raising taxes on corporations and closing deductions for companies that ship American jobs overseas, and Republicans have said that that’s absolutely a non-starter and instead that middle class families, working families, pay for their paltry investments in roads and bridges, like gas taxes and user-fees like highway tolls and stealing money from the Covid relief package that is currently keeping essential workers on the job, like firefighters.”

  • “This is just the way Republicans operate: to protect corporations, put the burden on middle class families and screw over some of the key constituencies we were talking about like women, people of color, those who care about the climate, and caregivers.”

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