July 6th, 2022

Jack Miller, Communications Director


Families Will Face Price Spikes Unless Congress Extends ACA Subsidies

In Case You Missed It – Across the country, health experts and everyday Americans are sounding the alarm on Affordable Care Act subsidies that will expire at the end of the year. The American Rescue Plan extended ACA subsidies which allowed millions of people to access affordable health care.

Yet in West Virginia, health care advocates say that tens of thousands of West Virginians could lose coverage if those benefits aren’t extended. In Wisconsin, small business owner Chrysa Ostenso writes that her family’s health care is at risk. In Oregon, a former policy advisor for the Oregon Health Authority is urging Congress to extend the subsidies. And most recently, 14 U.S. Governors wrote a letter to Congress urging them to avert a “disastrous” hike.

Here is some of the coverage raising alarms about ACA subsidies:

NATIONAL: Democratic governors urge Congress to avert ‘disastrous’ ObamaCare premium hike

  • “Healthcare is a right—not a privilege. The ARP greatly improved health insurance affordability to ensure lifesaving healthcare is accessible to all Americans. We urge you to take action immediately to make the ARP expanded subsidies permanent to prevent a disastrous erosion of health insurance coverage”

WEST VIRGINIA: Healthcare advocates raise concerns about expiring insurance subsidies

  • Jessie Ice, executive director for West Virginians for Affordable Health Care, said that there are 23,000 West Virginians who receive AC coverage in the state-run marketplace, with 18,000 people losing their coverage if the subsidies expire…“Without continuing these enhanced ACA subsidies, West Virginians would likely see a price increase on the marketplace of a staggering 63 percent.

WISCONSINTax credits that lowered my family’s health care costs are at risk. Yours may be, too

  • The American Rescue Plan reduced that percentage to 8.5%, allowing us to finally get some relief on health care spending for my family and my employees’ families. In fact, some of my employees were able to afford health insurance for the first time in years. It is critical that Congress extend, indefinitely, the 8.5% provision so that more people can continue to better afford their care and not worry from year to year if they will have health care or not. 

OREGONFormer state official: Thousands on brink of losing health care

  • Just as proper health care is necessary to ensure our children’s growth and development, it’s also necessary to promote the public health of our communities as a whole. When our families, neighbors, co-workers and friends are able to afford coverage and, in turn, access health care, our schools, small businesses and neighborhoods can thrive. I hope our leaders in Washington — especially Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden — will prioritize making the expanded health coverage subsidies permanent as soon as possible.

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