Rep. Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01)

Child Care

Child Tax Credit 

  • In AZ-01, approximately 24% of young children live in poverty.
  • About 156,000 children in AZ-01 qualify for the enhanced Child Tax Credit payments, and a total of 85,000 payments were made to AZ-01 families in October.
  • The average payment per household across the state of Arizona was $447.
  • The Build Back Better Act will extend the fully refundable enhanced Child Tax Credit to provide up to $3,600 per qualified child until 2023.

Health Care

Prescription Drugs

Earned Income Tax Credit

  • The Build Back Better Act will extend the current expanded Earned Income Tax Credit for childless workers of up to $1,502 for one year.
  • An estimated 66,000 working families in AZ-01 will benefit from the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit.

Clean Energy


  • AZ-01 faces an affordable housing shortage of over 12,110 homes, meanwhile, 24% of all renter households in the district are severely cost burdened.
  • The Build Back Better Act will make the largest investment in history for the construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of affordable housing.
  • The Act will also make historic investments in rental and down payment assistance programs.